Code of Conduct

Southwark follows the School District of Philadelphia Code of Conduct.

School Uniform

The mandatory, basic uniform for all Kindergarten to 5th grade Southwark students is:

  • Bottoms: Tan or Navy khaki pants/bottoms
    • Solid navy sweat pants can be worn on your child’s gym days
  • Tops: Solid navy blue or yellow/gold polo shirt or T-shirt
    • Non-Southwark logos and/or designs are not permitted
    • New this year! Official Southwark uniform shirts are available (sold at school but not required)
  • Sweaters: Solid navy blue or yellow/gold sweatshirts or sweaters
    • Non-Southwark logos and/or designs are not permitted

The mandatory, basic uniform for all 6th to 8th Grade Southwark students is:

  • Bottoms: Student choice of pants/jeans/bottoms
    • Solid sweat pants can be worn only on your child’s gym days.
  • Tops: Official Upper School light blue shirt (sold at school and required)
    • Note: if your child does not come to school wearing the official uniform shirt, they will be given a shirt to wear for the day. If the shirt is not returned at the end of the day, a ten-dollar fee will be incurred.

Additional Procedures for all students:

  • Hoodies are not permitted to cover the head while in the school building and classrooms
  • Hats and other non-religious head coverings are not to be worn in the building at any time
  • Open-toe shoes are not permitted due to safety reasons
  • Shorts must be knee-length
  • Shirts must be waist-length

Arriving to school out-of-uniform is in violation of school policy. Families will be contacted when their child comes to school out-of-uniform. Depending on your child’s clothing, you may be asked to bring your child’s proper uniform immediately to school. If families are in need for any reason with uniform assistance, please contact your child’s School Counselor.

When Can a Child be Absent?

Sometimes students have to miss school.

“Excused absences” apply under circumstances such as illness or injury, death/funeral-related absence, education related trips or activities, suspension and religious holidays. A written notice from a parent or guardian must be submitted to the school immediately upon a student’s return to school. Such notice must include a telephone number or other means of contact for verification purposes.

Certification of illness/injury is required if the absence extends for three or more consecutive days. The student /family has three days from the date of the absence to provide documentation to the school for an excused absence. After the third day, the school principal or designee has the discretion to approve or deny the note.

An “unexcused or illegal absence” occurs when a student is absent without a valid excuse in writing. This means that either no written notice was submitted to the school upon the student’s return or the reason provided in the notice was deemed invalid. Examples of invalid excuses include, but are not limited to, babysitting, waking up late or being on a vacation with family.

Cell Phone / Electronic Device Policy

Students of the Upper School (Grades 6-8) are asked to turn in their devices at the beginning of the day for storage.  At the end of the day, devices are returned to students.  If a student has need to use their device during the school day, they must first explain the need in full to receive permission from a teacher or administrator.  Students may be given permission to use their devices for academic reasons only.

If a student brings a beeper, cell phone, or electronic device to school and it is observed in use during school hours without permission from a teacher or administrator, the device will be confiscated and returned only to the parent or guardian of the student. However, upon a second violation or if the device is used during the commission of a crime the school will confiscate the device and it will not be returned. The principal may donate the item to charity or sell items with proceeds going to a school use.